Bioblitz at Bermagui – Info session 11am Monday 6th Feb

We are in the planning stages for our very first Bioblitz which will be at Bermagui on March 30th and 31st 2012 – come and join us!

A Bioblitz is where scientists and community members come together in a race to identify as many species of plants and animals as possible over a short period. This is a big step towards making our Atlas of Life a reality.

We encourage all of you who are interested to join us to make this an exciting and interesting event, with fun and exploration for everyone.

If you have a special interest let us know and if you would like to be part of or to help the organising team we will be delighted to hear from you. Call Libby for more information on :0264 950917 or email

Join us for an Information session at the Fishermen’s Wharf Boardroom 11 am Monday February 6th

follow the link for details: Bioblitz

and “sign up” so we can email you news.

Lennard’s Findings

This beautiful coloured Triton was seen under a rockpool crevice at Lennards, an amazing place to fossick at low tide. It feeds on sea urchins and sea stars, immobilising its prey with toxic saliva extruded from its proboscis. This specimen was about 6 cms and unusually bright,

Charonia rubicunda, or Charonia lampas rubicunda

Rare Slender Seamoth sighting

Whilst prawning at Cuttagee last Sunday night with his grandfather, Dylan Reid discovered this amazing relation of a seahorse. About 8cm.


Images from the web

Unknown Nudibranch from Mill Beach

About 10km south of Bermagui

Another Unknown Nudibranch from Mill Beach

Photo Michael McMaster

Panboola Wetlands Ramsar day opening

Thursday February 2nd at 10.30 am you are invited to the official opening to the entrance at Panboola Wetlands

This auspicious event will be held on World Wetland Day which marks the anniversary of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention) in Ramsar, Iran, on 2 February 1971.


Weinvite you to attend the celebration of this wonderful community project with us, and commemorate World Wetlands Day at Panboola .

We will be photographing biodiversity there to upload into our Atlas, so do come and join us at 10.30 am or before.

Dumpling squid

This was just one of the types of squid that were found on Saturday night. This squid is usually only seen at night.

Dumpling squid - Euprymna stenodactyla

During the Sapphire Coast Evening Boardwalk at Merimbula on January 14th, we saw many interesting things, including 4 species of cephalapods. We also saw the tiny (20mm) Southern Pygmy Squid – Idiosepius notoides (sorry about the quality of the photo)

Southern pygmy squid - Idosepius notoides

Tongue Orchid from Wonboyn

photo Rose Marie Mc Master

at Christmas 2012

Bullina lineata

Bullina Lineata - Lined Bubble Shell



This lovely shell is not often seen and rarely fully extended. Photo by Mick McMaster 8.1 2012

Camel Rock, near Bermagui

Macro Photography Workshop

Take clearer, better photos of specimens and other small things

Saturday January 28th    Auswide Office, Merimbula, 12.30-5.30 pm

With naturalist and photographer Sam Nerrie


For workshop details: CLOSE UP PHOTOGRAPHY Sam

Places limited – email to book your place: