2013 photocomp winners announced

We have been blown away by all the great photos that have been submitted for our first competition.

There were 284 entries overall over 9 categories. The highest number of entries was in the Birds category, with 88 entries and the least number in Nightlife with only 4.

This is the overall winner of the competition – Georgia Poyner from Narooma (who is only 13!)

Georgia Poyner 13

Hunting Reef Heron
This heron was hunting around Narooma boat ramp, when I photographed it catching dinner! I used a canon powershot SX50

Have a look at the 2013 winners in the page on the left and see the high level quality of these winners. Also note all the Highly Commended entries which show how hard it was for our judges to choose the winners!

Thanks to everyone who has been involved, particularly the judges.

This was our first competition, but the level of interest ensures that we will have another next year. If you have any suggestions that will help us make the competition better, do write to us below. We do know we did not allow enough time for the competition, so next year we will have more time between closing the competition and announcing the winners. What do you think of the categories? Some people sent in photos of a very small size so the judges couldn’t see them in detail, so next time we will ask particularly that entries are within a good tolerance range. We also think we need to look for funds for more prizes this year we could only award a prize for the overall winner, and there were many others who deserved more than our certificate of excellence. Any ideas?

We look forward to hearing from you and any volunteers for running the competition next year will be welcome.

Don’t forget to send us your good photos for the website during the year – everyone is always interested to share your interesting sightings.

Once again thanks to all contributors  – you are amazing!


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