Eat the Invader! green shore crabs…..

Just back from an International symposium in Toronto on the beast, scientist Cliff

Garside will share the latest findings on this most invasive pest.

Shore crab bisque

Cliff has been studying Green Shore Crabs in our local waterways for years and is

starting to unlock some of the secrets about their preferred habitats and life cycles.

He will do a short talk on the work he has been doing and also some the work

others have been doing internationally on the larval stages of the crab, and the risk

of it spreading further along our coast.

European Green shore crab

The international symposium in Canada was an indication of what a world-wide

problem this animal is to many shellfisheries, so it will be interesting to see how

others are dealing with them in other parts of the world.

The French for instance know that they make a really good crab soup.

See these recipes from Rick Stein, River Cottage and others:GShore Crab recipes

, or they make a good bait for fishing.

Join us for the presentation on Tuesday 1st October at the Merimbula Aquarium and

Wharf Restaurant at 3.00 PM. Everyone welcome. This event is organised by the

Sapphire Coast Marine

Cryptic Cockles revealed

Have you ever wondered where cockles come from? Or how long they live for? Or how fast they grow?

Well wonder no more by coming along to Bermagui on Saturday 28th September. We invite you to a talk about the research work that has been undertaken over the last two and a half years from Bermagui on three species of delicious cockle caught locally. The presentation will be led by research student Penny Beaver and local fisher Allan Broadhurst both based in Bermagui.

Penny will talk about her research which specifically observed and analysed how long these species are living for, how fast they are growing and when they were reproducing in order to determine a birthdate and describe their lifecycle. Allan will contribute his observations from fishing these species for 14 years.

You will have the opportunity to view slices of prepared internal shell under a microscope and see if you can estimate how old individual shells really are.

Join us for the presentation on Saturday September 28th at Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf Boardroom (First Floor) at 3.00pm everyone welcome. This event is organised by the Sapphire Coast Marine Society.

Glycymeris Grayana in Penny Beaver's aquarium

Fiordland Penguin

'Bro' the Fiordland Penguin

‘Bro’ the Fiordland Penguin

A very unusual find by Mara Roberts while walking early on Tura Beach was this  injured Fiordland Penguin .He was carefully carried home  and is now in the care of Janine Green from Wires.

Fiordland Penguins are endangered with only about 6000 left. This one was apparently severely underweight at 2.1 kg (should be 4kg) and dehydrated.  He had a shark/seal bite near his tail which had compromised his waterproofing.  He is a juvenile and will grow a lot taller 40cm (he is around knee height now).  He is on antibiotics and is now eating heartily and is past the critical period although still not out of the woods.  He will have to be in care for 8 to 10 weeks and might have to be flown to Philip Island or even NZ for release.

Thank you for sharing this interesting sighting , and we will keep updates on his progress.


Ocean changes and hungry Algae

Here is an interesting article on the effects of ocean warming on algae and how that might affect us too:

Lennard’s Island rocky shore ramble 21st September

Sapphire Coast Marine Society visit to Lennard’s Island. Saturday 21st September. Everyone is welcome.

a fine selection of Chitons found near Lennard's Island photo Libby Hepburn


Meet at Cass’s Cafe at 12 noon,(Opposite the Golf course in Eden) to share cars to go to Lennard’s Island. 4 wheel drive cars necessary for this track.

There is a steep track to get down to the shore. Please wear suitable clothes – not sure what that is at the moment – bring layers! and good shoes. Could be bright sunshine or cold winds or both!

Michael McMaster and Alan and Lyn Scrymgeour will be with us to help identify what we find.

This is a re-run of the visit we had to postpone because of a fallen tree across the track a couple of months ago.

Volunteer for shore based whale watching trials

The Atlas of Life in conjunction with NPWS and the Sapphire Coast Marine Society are setting up trials of shore based whalewatching this season.

We are intending to establish a recording site at Greencape and also at other sites along our coast if there is sufficient interest.

Dates we have chosen for this season are: September 22nd at Greencape, October 19th at Bermagui and November 3rd at Greencape.

If you are interested in taking part, please reply to this post below and give us your contact details and which dates you would like to join us.

Once we know who is coming from where, we can organise transport and a pick up point.

Southern right whale seen from the beach photo Wendy July 2009


First Day of Spring?

This year Spring has come very early. The Southerly migration of whales is about a month early, the acacias are in full bloom and here is a photo of a fine Diamond python catching the rays by Tura Headland. It looks as if it has recently eaten something and its skin looks fresh and polished.

Thanks to Darryl Butler for the sighting.

A Spring view of a Diamond Python Photo Darryl Butler