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We think you might find this interesting. It talks about how important it is to encourage children to experience nature…..


SC Marine Society meet Saturday 19th October Bermagui

Just a reminder that this Saturday 19th October we are meeting at Bermagui with a couple of options of things to do. You can help us trial shore-based whalewatching from Dickinson Point, or join a beach survey atShelley/Cowrie Beach.

 We will meet at the Fishermen’s Wharf at 12 noon, have lunch and then decide what to do at 1:00pm.
 Please wear layers of clothing as we cannot be confident what the weather will bring, sensible shoes for a clamber down to the beach and sun hats sunscreen etc.
 We look forward to seeing you there.
 Best wishes,
Future dates:
1. 2nd November(Saturday) Whale Festival at Eden,
2. 3rd Nov.(Sunday) shore based whalewatching at Greencape with Geoff Ross from NPWS Cape Solander
3. 17th November(Sunday)  Secret beach at Haycock Point. Meet at Bar mouth car park for a 1km walk to the beach at noon

Jacky Lizard.[ Amphibolurus muricatus ]…… egg laying

Jackie Dragon with one egg

While walking back from the beach we almost stepped on a Jacky lizard laying  and depositing eggs into a hole in the middle of the path.We watched it pushing the egg into the hole, packing them down with forceful headbutts and then scraping some of the very hard packed dirt into the hole to cover the 6 or 7 eggs inside.The lizard put her head right into the hole,scraped more dirt into it and then stayed near the hole until we left.

Apparently the eggs can take anything from 40-100 days to hatch depending upon the temperature of the ground .

Jacky lizards/dragons shelter beneath fallen branches,hollow logs and frequently climb low shrubs or posts  to feed or bask in the sun.




Jacky dragon with two eggsPhotos by Liz Allen