Koo -o-eel ……Eastern Koel

Koel1Many people in the Tura area have probably heard the incessant … ‘Koo-o-eel ‘of the male Eastern Koel call day & night.Heard this one as I came off the beach near the golf course ,very well hidden in the coastal Banksias.Was able to watch him for 20 minutes.

The Koel is a large parasitic  cuckoo,arriving in October and usually gone by March they usually lay eggs in Red Wattle bird nests in this area .

Six legged shorebird

Leo Berzins captured this six-legged Red capped Plover at the Mimosa Rocks Bioblitz


Black cod in the Bruce Steer pool

Robyn Wimbush recently shared this great photo of a Black cod in the Bruce Steer pool. Congratulations on managing to capture a normally cryptic creature.10850186_10203211731230489_9218525391538529476_n