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Maratus Sapphirus a new species of Peacock Spider, found by Helen Ransom, named and photographed by Stuart Harris 2016 at the Atlas of Life/Four Winds BioBlitz

The Atlas of Life exists to bring people closer to the wonders of the nature that surrounds us in our beautiful region.

We are a community project that relies on the interest and expertise of a large community of people giving their time as volunteers to work we enjoy and feel is meaningful.

We spend our time creating activities and building our database rather than applying for lots of grants(the ratio of applicants to success in being awarded a grant for all environmental/science grants is around 5% these days). However we could do much more if we had more resources, so we welcome donations small and large to assis our efforts.

On October 11th 2017 we became a Registered Environmental Organisation with Deductable Gift Recipient(DGR) status. This allows donors to claim tax relief on the amount of their donation.

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A Weedy Walk along the Shore

These Seaweeds or Marine Macroalgae were strewn on our local shores after the recent storms.

There are 3 main groups ,reds,greens & browns ,sometimes hard to distinguish when some of the browns look green & vice versa. If you’d like information on the seaweeds & sea grasses there is a small booklet called “Marine Macroalgae & Sea Grasses of the Bega Valley”  produced by BVSC.

After the Rains

I know this is under the heading of Creature Feature so I have included the Hooded & Red Capped Plovers that feast on the tiny arthropods in the weed & also use the  weed for shelter.

Hooded Plovers & dried Phyllospora

Red Capped Plover

Neptune’s Necklace….Hormosira banksii

Sea Lettuce… Ulva sp.

Sea Tulip and a Sea Grass [green]..Pyura sp & Posidonia

Red Algae …Amphiroa anceps [?] amongst Phyllospora

Sargassum Weed