A rare find on Bournda Beach

Naomi Shoobridge was really luck to fing a large and whole Paper Nautilus shell on Bournda Beach the other day. While we do occasionally see pieces of shell from these cephalopods, it’s very rare to find a whole shell as they are really fragile and soon get broken by the sea or seagulls foraging for the dead or dying squid inside.

Paper Nautilus Bournda Beach Photo Naomi Shoobridge

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  1. Libby Hepburn
    Libby Hepburn says:

    A comment from Jonathan Poyner: Pretty common up here around Narooma, Georgia collected around 20 recently. They turn up almost to the same day each year which is pretty amazing from a slow backwards moving creature.

    Which makes me wonder whether they are tide -driven or they swim to a particular place to breed and die?


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