A Weedy Walk along the Shore

These Seaweeds or Marine Macroalgae were strewn on our local shores after the recent storms.

There are 3 main groups ,reds,greens & browns ,sometimes hard to distinguish when some of the browns look green & vice versa. If you’d like information on the seaweeds & sea grasses there is a small booklet called “Marine Macroalgae & Sea Grasses of the Bega Valley”  produced by BVSC.

After the Rains

I know this is under the heading of Creature Feature so I have included the Hooded & Red Capped Plovers that feast on the tiny arthropods in the weed & also use the  weed for shelter.

Hooded Plovers & dried Phyllospora

Red Capped Plover

Neptune’s Necklace….Hormosira banksii

Sea Lettuce… Ulva sp.

Sea Tulip and a Sea Grass [green]..Pyura sp & Posidonia

Red Algae …Amphiroa anceps [?] amongst Phyllospora

Sargassum Weed

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