The aim of the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) is to encourage understanding of our unique, coastal wilderness in southern NSW.

Through observation and study of the coastal environment, our network of interested community members will undertake a range of surveys over time and multiple locations.

The emphasis will be on observing biodiversity and identifying invasive species, and noting the impact of environmental change on habitat and species.

Information collected will be entered onto online databases.


Our partners

Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness is working with other organisations sharing similar goals.

Working with professional and community-based groups enhances the efforts of both. In particular, Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness operates closely with the Atlas of Living Australia, a national initiative focused on making a readily accessible, online encyclopaedia of all living things in Australia.

Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) are providing support to set up online observation and survey forms, with the ability to upload photos, and download field guides and species fact sheets.
(ALA website:

Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness is cooperating with other organisations as well, including the Sapphire Coast Marine Society, Pambula Wetlands & Heritage Project, the Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service), Bega Valley Shire Council, Auswide Projects, Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority, Nature Coast Marine Group, Landcare NSW and the Australian Museum.