We have chosen for our logo a species which is of particular interest in this area.

Bull Kelp or (D’Urvillaea Potatorum ) is found along the rocky shorelines of this coast. Its range is moving southwards and at the moment, no one is sure how far or how fast it is disappearing. This is one of the seaweed species we will be monitoring in our surveys.

The Atlas of Living Australia team are digitising old books of natural history. One of these is a19th century book by William Henry Harvey an Irish Botanist who was one of the first scientists to collect and name seaweeds in Australia. In this book we found a lovely illustration of our own local Bull Kelp. A talented local artist Wanda  Akkerman transformed this into an image for our logo. Jen Mallinson, graphic designer modified the colours and added the text we needed.

Now we have a beautiful logo, which represents something special in our area, but also the tree of life and the earth itself – ideal in all respects for the project we are developing.