Ancient Ostracod?

At the Bioblitz, Stephen Skinner  found a sample of zooplankton he couldn’t identify. Luckily he did have a microscope camera, so he sent images to us. After a series of requests, from Nick Yee, through Anna Syme (RBG Vic.), we asked Mark Warne (Earth Sciences Deakin Uni) and he sent us the following reply:

“Hi again Libby
Your pictures prodded a memory, and I dug out some slides on fossil ostracod shells that I extracted from 2,000 year old coastal lagoon (fresh – brackish water) sediments in the Warrnambool area of Victoria.  These slides have a few specimens that are probably of the same species as in your photographs.  As far as I can tell these specimens are of a yet undescribed species of ostracod.   My fossil shell material is without soft parts (appendages etc), so I would like to see some of your specimens with soft parts.
Regards Mark”
These interested and helpful scientists are all doctors (PhD’s) and specialists, so it is very pleasing and valuable that they spent time helping to identify this tiny creature, and fascinating to know it has such a venerable history! We are now trying to see if we can get specimens to Mark for closer study.


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