Australian First for SC Marine Society

Michael McMaster leads the new Climatewatch beach survey at BourndMichael McMaster and Alan Scrymgeour with a Climatewatch survey group at Greencape

At  Saturday’s Bournda Science Expo, Michael McMaster (Sapphire Coast Marine Society) ran the first pilot survey using the new Climatewatch protocols and species guides.

This project will be undertaken across the whole of Australia’s coastline, to gather data about the abundance, absence and change in locations of a set of key species, from birds to jellyfish, seaweeds to shells.

Go to the Marine Society page to have a look at the survey methodolgy, species notes and guidelines and have a look at the Climatewatch website to learn more about the project.

On August 17th and 18th the same survey was undertaken on the rock platforms at Greencape lighthouse.

The  results of the survey can be seen in the Atlas of Life records shortly


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