Photo by Martin Ollman

Bioblitz Dawn at Bermagui March 30

This gallery has just a selection of the many wonderful photographs that were taken at the Bioblitz. It gives you a little idea of the range of surveys that were carried out and the range of species that we found in 30 hours.

We would like to thank the following photographers for their input:

Rob Richardson, Martin Ollman, Andrew Green, Bill Barker, Rose-Marie McMaster, Liz Allen, Brad Barker, Lynn Scrymgeour, Jenny Greenwood, Sam Nerrie, Theresa Van Der Heul, Jackie Miles, Stephen Skinner, Lesley Jensen, Vanessa Milton and many others. I apologise for not naming all photographers who have contributed, but we do thank you for all your contributions. If you recognise your photographs here and you have not been listed, please let us know and we will rectify this.

If you would like to know who took specific photographs, just let us know and we can go back to the Atlas of Life database and find the name linked to the record. Just click on the box to see all the images .