Blocked! but a good day for SCMS outing

21 people joined us for the latest SCMS outing last Saturday. We were all wrapped up as the morning started off cold with the possibility of rain. Sharing cars we set off for Lennard’s Island, but met this small obstruction on the way!. There were several fallen trees and even one which was still burning, over a week after the NPWS burn off had taken place.

Fortunately for us Michael suggested we detour to Terrace Beach nearby (Apparently in past times this was known as “Tear-arsed Beach” because of the laid back surfers who frequented it. It’s obviously been made polite since then). In any event we had a really good time finding lots of interesting things  including a Grey Nurse Shark tooth (Maggie Brown) and enjoyed the most glorious sunny morning.

We will re-schedule the Lennards Island visit for another time soon.

Angelika demonstrating the size of the fallen tree

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