Bournda Environmental Education Centre provides programs in all curriculum areas for students in primary and high schools.

Programs are delivered in Bournda National Park helping students to learn about their environment in a quality, learning environment.


Bournda EEC is helping students to learn about the heritage of our country and Aboriginal culture by providing experiences for Indigenous and non-indigenous students.

Outdoor recreation activities that physically challenge students is an important component Bournda EEC programs. These programs develop peer support, team-work and leadership.

EEC staff support mandatory fieldwork for Science and Geography secondary students. Programs covering Literacy, Physical Education and Creative Arts are also provided. A range of challenging across-curriculum programs are offered for primary students.

Joint environmental education programs with agencies such as National Parks, Department of Primary Industries, the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness and local Councils have been developed to enhance learning opportunities for students.

In school programs such as the My Place program assists schools to identify the biodiversity in the school grounds. With the assistance of ALCW, students collect data, then enter this onto the Atlas website.

Bournda EEC is also an environment where students can just have fun with their friends on camps, bushwalks and day visits.

Learning in the outdoors is helping students to be fit and healthy and assisting students to develop a love of their environment. @bournda
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