Great “Little Things” BioBlitz

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold front and enjoyed the BioBlitz. We had a great day with lots of good things found, including two sightings of Water Dragons in Merimbula Creek. That’s fantastic for the “From Little Things Parklands” project. We were asked to help them create a baseline biodiversity list for their site and nearby reference sites, and to find Water dragons in the middle of Merimbula is fantastic.

Water dragon Photo Georgia Poyner

Dr Stephen Skinner who was leading the water surveys in the creek says he has been impressed by the aquatic life found here as it indicates a very healthy waterway.

A huge thank you to all syrvey leaders and volunteers who helped make the day such a success, and to our partners, the “From Little Things” team who worked with us and made the day such fun.

Thanks to those who lent equipment, including Bournda EEC who let us use their screen and provided such an entertaining learning opportunity at the end of the day……..

Bag your place for From Little Things BioBlitz

The “From Little Things ” 2017 Bioblitz at Merimbula Creek on Saturday September 16th is only a week away.

Make sure you bag your place on the surveys you want to join by booking tickets on Eventbrite 

There are a fine range of surveys and we want you all to come and take pictures of what you see as you explore the different habitats along Merimbula Creek.

We are hoping some of you will bring macro and zoom lenses to help capture images of birds and small details of plants and bugs and we suggest it will be fun if you have a kayak to come and explore and record the nature surrounding Back Lagoon.

Bird surveys start early at 8:00am, so that would be a great start to your day walking with the naturalists – everyone welcome and we have a great Basecamp full of good things to see and do, for littlies and biggies as well………….

NatureMapr on TV for Threatened Species Day

It was great to see that the Canberra Nature Map our sister organisation and NatureMapr were given top spot on ABC yesterday. Here is Maichael Mulvaney and crew talking about NatureMapr and how they use it.

Dr Michael Mulvaney, with a green comb spider orchid in Aranda Bushlands. Photo: Elesa Kurtz

Southern Forest Life…..

We recently discovered a couple living and recording the Atlas of Life philosophy beautifully in our region and think you will enjoy seeing it too.

Life in a Southern Forest … a detailed, ongoing look at the plants, animals and their myriad interactions within a patch of forest on the far south coast. Scroll through the photo galleries – birds, plants, invertebrates and other animals – and follow the photo-blogs of two biologists immersed in the forest life.

Jacky Lizard….Amphibolurus muricata

Lance Beard heath     Leucopogon lanceolatus

Merimbula & Back Lake coastal management program

Your chance to get involved in the Merimbula & Back Lake Coastal Management Program


Bega Valley Shire Council is seeking your contribution on the management of Merimbula and Back Lake and the surrounding foreshore:

• What makes the lakes great and how could they be even better?

• What are your concerns about the health of the lakes and their catchments?

• How could the management of the lakes be improved?

BVSC welcome your thoughts on these issues or anything else you would like to discuss about the lakes. Your involvement is the key to developing a successful Management Program, so please visit the website to have your say and view updates throughout the project. Please also register your details on the website to receive project updates via email:

Have your say?

The next meeting of the Merimbula and back Lake focus group is May 24th, so get your thoughts, ideas and questions in before then.

Prof. Steve Smith Sea Slug Census interview

Goniobranchus splendidus, photo Nick Shaw, Montague island

All you Sea Sluggers listen to Prof. Steve Smith on Monday 8th May at 7:35am ABC SE Radio. He will be talking about some of our great finds on the recent Far South Coast census.

We found some really interesting species and some which are out of their known range, so hear what Steve has to say about what we have found so far,

Prof. Steve Smith Southern Cross University

Chelidonura inornata, Photo Libby Hepburn, Blue Pool

Haminoea cymbalum, photo Libby Hepburn, Blue Pool

Fabulous Fungi season is here…

Leather fungus

Leather fungus





Coral fungus

Coral fungus



Bolete    …sponge like layer of tubes under cap

Anemone Stinkhorn

Anemone Stinkhorn


Ghost Fungus

Ghost Fungus

Agaric...gilled fungus

Agaric…gilled fungus

These are only a few of the many fungus that have emerged after the damp ,warm weather….  local forests ,Mandeni,Tura Headland and tracks near the golf course to Short point& Long Point .So far have just been recording the larger fungus & filling the memory card with many unidentified species .Please send in any sightings you have for our data base.

CMN Plant Identification Workshop & Field Trip

Conservation Management Network is running a Plant Identification Workshop & Field Trip.

Learn the skills and information you need to identify a range of common plants in this region. After lunch, try out your skills on a guided field walk in Bournda National Park.

When: Thursday 13 October, 9.30am-3.30pm

Where : Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Paul McPherson at a plant ID workshop

Paul McPherson at a plant ID workshop

Botanist, Paul McPherson and Seedbank Coordinator, Karen Walker will use some of the most commonly encountered plant groups to introduce you to the best identification resources (printed, on‑line, and interactive). You will also learn how to access experts through the identification services of the major herbaria. Along the way they will de‑mystify identification ‘keys’.

The workshop is targeted at the beginner level, but will also provide a good opportunity for those more experienced in plant identification to refresh their skills.

Learning will be through a combination of theory presentations and practical activities using hand held lenses and microscopes.

Morning tea and lunch provided. For further information and bookings, contact Ali Rodway on 0417 246 896 or

Try our new Atlas recording platform

Click here for the link to our new recording database NatureMapr.

You can download the easy to use app for your phone or tablet and see all our sightings as they happen. Do give it a try and tell us what you think. feedback so far is that everyone thinks it’s great – many thanks aaron Clausen the software developer who created it.


NatureMapr copy

World Oceans Day 2016


Wednesday June 8

3.45pm – 5.30pm

Celebrate World Oceans Day 2016 with a rockpool ramble to collect data for Climatewatch Marine.

Let out your inner scientist and join the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre for an afternoon looking at critters at the local beach.

The afternoon will start, at the Discovery Centre in Eden, with an introduction to Climatewatch and the survey method we will be using. We will then venture down to the rock pools to conduct a 30 minute survey of the animals that live there.


Free event. Bookings are required.

Call 0264961699 or email