Coastal Heath and Forests revisited Bondi Forest Lodge field trip

Saturday December 15th. The field trip will visit sites where research took place from early 70’s to
the mid-90’s (and in some cases is ongoing).
Itinerary:  Leave Merimbula from Auswide carpark at 8:30 a.m

Drive up Princess Highway to Imlay Road, then follow Imlay Road to Monaroa
Highway/Bondi Forest Way, follow Bondi Forest Way to Bondi Camp for the
night by 17:00 .  Depart Bondi Camp at 08:00 Sunday.

Return via Buldah Rd., Coolangubra Forest Way, Waratah Creek, Cathcart, Packers Swamp
Road, Brown Mountain/Snowy Mountains Highway, Bemboka, Kameruka-Candelo,
Wollumla, Merimbula by 3:00 p.m

Scientists will include D. Lunney, H. Recher, R. Kavanagh and J. Shields

Points of interest:  early study sites for the integrated logging (chips and
saw-logs) circa 78, fire ecology at the Eden Burning Study Area, remnant –
corridor research sites, pine – conversion sites, eucalypt plantation sites,
hydrology weirs, new national parks, and long term ecological research

Travel:  STURDY 2-wheel drive – gravel roads most of the way – be sure your
spare is inflated.  No mobile phone reception (generally).  No FUEL – unless
you drive through Bombala – until Bemboka on Sunday.
Accomodation:  Bondi Lodge has individual rooms, shower facilities, toilets
and large kithcens with cutlery, cooking equipments, refridgerators for
communal use.  Cost is $25.00 per person, please bring cash.
Food: BYO

Please contact Jim Shields directly to sign up for this trip

Tel: 02 6495 0165   Mob: 0417 732 071

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