Yellow-toothed Cowrie Photo Michael McMaster

Cowrie found here, previously not known South of Sydney

Michael McMaster has found several cowries which he has had trouble identifying. He sent these pictures to the Australian Museum and asked for their advice. This is the reply he received today:Yellow-toothed Cowrie    Photo Michael McMaster

Hi Michael

The general consensus is that the species is Cypraea xanthodon, now correctly known as Erronea xanthodon(see link below). This species is known to occur as far south as Sydney, but a specimen as far south as Bermagui is, indeed, unusual.

Though it is a pretty shell and you probably want to keep it, if you could bear to part with it, it would be a valuable addition to our collection given the considerable range extension.



Dr Mandy Reid
Collection Manager, Malacology Australian Museum”

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