Cryptic Cockles revealed

Have you ever wondered where cockles come from? Or how long they live for? Or how fast they grow?

Well wonder no more by coming along to Bermagui on Saturday 28th September. We invite you to a talk about the research work that has been undertaken over the last two and a half years from Bermagui on three species of delicious cockle caught locally. The presentation will be led by research student Penny Beaver and local fisher Allan Broadhurst both based in Bermagui.

Penny will talk about her research which specifically observed and analysed how long these species are living for, how fast they are growing and when they were reproducing in order to determine a birthdate and describe their lifecycle. Allan will contribute his observations from fishing these species for 14 years.

You will have the opportunity to view slices of prepared internal shell under a microscope and see if you can estimate how old individual shells really are.

Join us for the presentation on Saturday September 28th at Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf Boardroom (First Floor) at 3.00pm everyone welcome. This event is organised by the Sapphire Coast Marine Society.

Glycymeris Grayana in Penny Beaver's aquarium

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