Dem bones have a story to tell

Recently at a Bermagui U3A beach fossick, one intrepid searcher brought back a decomposing skeleton of a fur seal as his particluar find of the day. In spite of the serious pong for those downwind of this find, Alan Scrymgeour, our leader and guide, was most excited by the treasure and took it home(luckily he and Lyn have a UTE , so it did travel outside!

A month later Alan shows us the skeleton transformed, through loving care and a range of serious chemicals. He now has a pristine skeleton and it’s possible to see his reading of the animal’s death.


Along the ribs, you can clearly see a decisive break, which alan tells us is evidence of a large shark attack – probably a Bull shark or similar.

An interesting and informative find and a nice conclusion to an enlightening search. Thanks again Alan.

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