Doug Reckord

Doug Reckord


As Principal of Bournda Environmental Education Centre I take great delight in working in our amazing National Parks with local school students and teachers.  Our local schools are great supporters and are always looking for opportunities for their students. I am a science teacher by training and believe that scientific literacy in our citizens is fundamental to protecting biodiversity.

Research undertaken in our region:

  • Development of the Bournda Digital Herbarium (assisting Steve Burrows, who did most of the work)

  • Caulerpa taxifolia monitoring and eradication program

  • Development of Google Earth resources on local catchments

  • Use of GPS and GIS technology


Forum Presentation: 

The Atlas of Life & community naturalists – what we can do and what we can’t

Personal objectives as regards science:

To fill some gaps in my ignorance.

To enjoy exploring the beauty of nature

Provide some service to the natural world in repayment for a lifetime of being sustained and delighted.

Your perspective on science and its value to/for communities:

A scientifically informed community will respond more intelligently to the important issues that confront us e.g. climate change.