Eat the Invader! green shore crabs…..

Just back from an International symposium in Toronto on the beast, scientist Cliff

Garside will share the latest findings on this most invasive pest.

Shore crab bisque

Cliff has been studying Green Shore Crabs in our local waterways for years and is

starting to unlock some of the secrets about their preferred habitats and life cycles.

He will do a short talk on the work he has been doing and also some the work

others have been doing internationally on the larval stages of the crab, and the risk

of it spreading further along our coast.

European Green shore crab

The international symposium in Canada was an indication of what a world-wide

problem this animal is to many shellfisheries, so it will be interesting to see how

others are dealing with them in other parts of the world.

The French for instance know that they make a really good crab soup.

See these recipes from Rick Stein, River Cottage and others:GShore Crab recipes

, or they make a good bait for fishing.

Join us for the presentation on Tuesday 1st October at the Merimbula Aquarium and

Wharf Restaurant at 3.00 PM. Everyone welcome. This event is organised by the

Sapphire Coast Marine

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