Flying foxes at Glebe Lagoon

Bega Valley Shire Council is currently developing a Camp Management Plan for the seasonal colony of grey-headed flying foxes at Glebe Lagoon.

The Atlas of Life has been invited to ask its members if they would like to contribute to the community consultation. Please see below for the link to their survey.

Flying foxes at Glebe Lagoon Photo Michael McMaster

“We are sending you this because you are involved with a group that may have an interest in the colony. We need your help in making sure the Camp Management Plan considers the interests of all stakeholders.

It would be great if you could complete the online survey ( This will give us a much better understanding of what the whole community thinks about the flying-fox camp at Glebe Lagoon.

The Glebe Lagoon flying-fox camp To the best of our knowledge grey-headed flying-foxes have been using Glebe Lagoon to roost during the day for more than 50 years. The camp hosts around 20,000 flying-foxes from Spring to Autumn each year. The numbers fluctuate depending on the availability of food resources in the surrounding region. During their time at Glebe Lagoon the mothers also give birth and raise their young. The animals use the camp to rest during the day before heading off at dusk to forage on the nectar provided by our surrounding native forests then returning to the camp at dawn. The Glebe Lagoon flying-fox camp management plan The Glebe Lagoon flying-fox Camp Management Plan will identify the most appropriate responses to managing current and potential impacts from flying foxes that roost in Glebe Lagoon alongside ensuring the welfare of the flying-foxes. During the development of the plan we will be exploring issues such as health, safety and community well-being, potential risks to flying foxes, natural values of Glebe Lagoon, cost of management options, timeframes and legislative requirements”.

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