Fruits of fire – Bodalla Forest walks

Weather permitting there will be hazard reduction burns in the Bodall Forest Park next week May 25 – 30th. A couple of weeks later, we may be lucky enough to see some amazing “fire fungi” and orchids.

Teresa Van Der Heul is offering to take walks (one or two) to explore and share her knowledge of the phenomena of post-fire fungi and plants. “It could be a very interesting  time this year as there has been a lot of rain, so conditions will be good’, says Teresa.

If you are interested in joining a walk, could you let us know if you would prefer a weekday or week-end. We will decide on the final details when we know the burns have happened and what the majority preferences are.

Please contact Liz Allen if you are interested. email:, tel: 0434 375 568

Meanwhile Teresa has found a couple of articles to whet your interest on the subject from WA, but Teresa says most species mentioned should be found here too.

Fire Mosaics – Fungi

Fruits of Fire


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