You can become an active participant in the Atlas of Life on the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) project, through enjoyment of activities such as observing and photographing nature.

Community involvement is central to our project. We are looking for families, students, scientists, amateur naturalists, photographers and visitors to help us to build a record of life here by contributing sightings and photos to the website.

We place an emphasis on accuracy of observation and recording when entering information onto the database, and will provide opportunities to learn scientific method.

Our first major event is coming up soon. Join us at the Bermagui Bioblitz March 30/31 to be part of a whole range of surveys, or just make your own observations, then add them to our database. Together we will see how many species we can find at Bermagui.

In November, we launched this Website and our Database. You can now log sightings and photographs of what you have seen and start your own Naturalist Notebook of records.

Our first Information night was in January when John Smythe told us about the Changing Seascapes of his working environment as an abalone diver along these coasts.

Our first Training workshop run by Sam Nerrie was very successful. We learned how to take better close-up photographs of specimens, which will help us add better sightings to the Atlas and have really good photographs to share.

Visiting scientists asked for help for one of their Soldier Crab surveys at Bermagui. Our payback was to learn the survey techniques and then have an evening session of fun and information about Soldier Crabs of Australia – fascinating!

We welcome you to take this opportunity to learn new skills, observe and photograph nature and to become an “AtlaNat”.