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We want to make sure you are all happy to log your sightings into our Atlas. Please give me a call if you need support to get started, Libby Hepburn Tel: 0264 95 0917

At the moment we are just beginning to build our Species lists, so you may have to log your sightings in the “Species Not Listed”  box. We are adding new species to the lists all the time, so we will be able to categorise your sightings in due course.

Think of it as you creating a notebook of all your sightings in your own space, then adding them to the Atlas from time to time as the base lists grow bigger.

We are at the beginning of  a big project and you really will be helping to create something unique for our place.

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  1. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    During the past 14 years I have amassed a large number of fungal and myxomycete species from the Narooma / gulaga area and often will walk around the bermagui area.
    fungi are an important symbiot living with plants and sometimes they are parasitic.
    without fungi, our environment would never be as we know it now.
    they are natures greatest recycler.
    for too many years fungi have been overlooked and under recorded.
    i will be happy to share my sightings with you
    kind regards,

    • Libby Hepburn
      Libby Hepburn says:

      Teresa, we will be very happy to add your sightings to our Atlas. Without fungi, the record would be very incomplete. 14 years of data is evidence of significant study. We look forward to learning a lot. Welcome to the Atlas and other passionate observers, Libby


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