We would like everyone to log sightings of things they see that are interesting – any species of plant or creature. We are particularly interested in unusual sightings, whether it is a bird not usually seen, an early or late flowering of plants, or something that you find especially interesting – even if you don’t know what it is. Just log your sighting or email it with photos for our moderators to help your identification.

We do ask you to add photos at a low resolution – less than 500 Kb is good. High resolution photos are very slow to load and can cause the system to seize up.

If you have difficulties with any aspect of logging sightings, please contact Libby at 6495 0917

Here are written and video instructions to help you. We suggest you might like to open two screens, one with the help instructions and one for you to work on the Atlas, then you can switch between them without a time delay:

1. Register     ALCW 1. registration instructions     Youtube video: http://youtu.be/aFGQt7ORWlc

2. Record your Sightings      ALCW 2. How to Record Sightings Instructions 

Youtube video : http://youtu.be/HAO3IaVCa2M

3. Fill out Survey Forms       ALCW 3. Filling out a survey form instructions

4. View Sightings records – yours and others     ALCW 4. Viewing sightings instructions

6. “My Place” guidelines for setting up your own Locations for multiple sightings – your garden, or your favourite walk etc…..      ALCW 6. MyPlace instructions

How to use the ALCW Species guide – Youtube video:  http://youtu.be/PBQ629XrR9o

7. Moderators instructions ALCW 5. Instructions for Moderators