Plans are going well for the Bermagui Bioblitz with over 30 surveys now being planned.

Everyone is welcome to join our 30 hour challenge to find as many species as we can within easy walking distance of Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf.

If you have a special interest, or would like to join others to learn more about everything that lives in this place, come along between 10.30 am Friday 30th to lunchtime on Saturday 31st March. There will be a timetable of surveys you can join (some have limited places) and you can make your own observations for identification. Bring your camera and a USB cable and learn how to log your sightings onto our Atlas of Life database.

For more details see : Gen Bioblitz intro you can find the map andlist of planned surveys here.

If you would like to volunteer to help, either as an “AtlaNat” – Atlas Naturalist, an “AtlaTek” Atlas Tekkie, or an event helper, please get in touch. There are lots of things to do to make this a great fun event and to create really good data with clear photos for our Atlas database. Call Libby or Alan Hepburn on 0264 950917

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  1. Joe a friend & maryanna beggs
    Joe a friend & maryanna beggs says:

    Hey!Will the Team be aiming to compute a ‘BIODIVERSITY index’ for the marine area, or any other area that will be intensively-surveyed?
    Is there any past-survey that was ever ledged with Dept.Environment or NP & WS ?
    Keen to help ; Joe and Maryanne ; 64957834

    • Libby Hepburn
      Libby Hepburn says:

      Dear Joe and Maryanne, Pals from the nature coast Marine Group will be conducting Reef Life Surveys at Horseshoe Bay – the results of this, as well as adding to our own Atlas, will go towards the national RLS data.
      We have access to a fantastic 1988 flora map of Bermagui Wetlands that we are hoping to re-create in some way – if the water goes down a bit!
      Not sure about other historical data yet – hoping more will turn up.
      Looking forward to you joining us.


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