Little & Fairy Terns are back…

Little Tern


The Little & Fairy Terns are back to breed at Mogareka on the sandy spit between the ocean and estuary.There are 50- 60 birds wheeling and chattering and choosing a sandy scrape to lay eggs . Some males have tiny fish which they present to their mate as they decide on the best location. They are very vulnerable to dangerously high tides ,predators and human beings & still they choose to come here each year.

There is a group of volunteers under the guidance of NSWPS and the help of the BVSC rangers ,who are part of Sharing the Shoreline program. If anyone wishes to know more ,please contact  us [ ALCW ] or the above.

The bird in the photo is a Fairy Tern. The Little Tern has the black marking going through the eye to its beak.

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