Lyrebird caught by action sensitive camera

Danie Ondinae is using a motion activated camera to find out what animals are sharing her property. She has been very impressed by the clarity of the pictures, day and night. Here is a beautiful Lyrebird which happened to pass.
She says, “The vegetation type (via Jackie Miles) is known as: Coastal Foothills Dry Shrub Forest which is said to be widespread on steep slopes and ridges at 50-250m elevation on Ordovician metasiltstones. So I’d call it Open Eucalypt Forest on a ridgeline, previously logged, with an understorey of mostly grasses, wattles, peas and daisies.
The camera is an infrared motion detection camera –  Reconyx HC600 Hyperfire – as used by Olivia Forge, the CMA’s Potoroo Project Officer. Here’s a weblink to more info:

Lyrebird at Coolagolite photo Danie Ondinae

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