new film – Understorey

Invitation from the makers:

The south east forests campaign was a long and complex one. It was ultimately successful because of the untiring contributions by people who valued the natural environment and wanted to protect it.

General Invitation

20 years after the establishment of the South East Forests National Park, a film has been made about the campaigns to protect the public forests on the far south coast. The film is a fundraiser for the National Parks Association.

Adult cinema tickets at Merimbula are $14 each.

There will be DVDs available at the screenings for $20 each.

Understorey will be screened at Merimbula (Picture Show man)  5pm March 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9th and Narooma Kinema March 17th at 7pm. Please see attached invitation card and forward it to others who may be interested in seeing the film. You can see a trailer on this web link:

You can follow UNDERSTOREY on Facebook:

Kind regards

Euey Collins
Peter Constable
David Gallan
Kim & Gabrielle Taysom

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  1. Matt Stiebel
    Matt Stiebel says:

    Hi David and Friends,
    I lived in Rocky Hall for a few years in the late 80’s – early 90’s and was a member of the Towamba valley catchment protection association. I was pretty heavily involved in the campaign on the ground with the protests and blockade actions, in the Coolangubra forest and on the chip mill road.
    I now live near Byron Bay on the far north coast and am wondering how I can get a copy of the film ‘understorey’.
    Have tried to find online but not sure if it is available there for sale?
    Matt Stiebel
    formally of Big Jack Mountain Rd, Rocky Hall

    • Libby Hepburn
      Libby Hepburn says:

      Hi Matt,
      The person to talk to about obtaining a copy of the film is David Gallan who is the creator and producer of the film. I will pass on your request to him for you.
      Best wishes,


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