Osprey …….& other raptors

An Osprey was sighted perched on a bare branch at Dolphin cove,wonder if  it is related to ones seen in summer around the Merimbula Lake ?Also  over the Tura Headland & beach south of BourndaRaptor1Raptors3

Island were adult & juvenile Sea Eagles . Nankeen Kestrel1

Unfortunately we were not fast enough to get a photo of the Osprey at Tura Beach, but it was identified by three people, two of whom have lived in Scotland, so are very familiar with these splendid raptors.

Compared to mammals,birds have relatively large eyes and in particular  raptors have greater visual acuity than any known animal …… watch the sea eagle leave its perch high in trees or cliffs swoop for a fish or a kestrel hovering for a small rodent.

Any photos & information are welcome……. more soon.

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