Panboola …small birds

Golden Headed Cisticola

If you visit the Panboola Wetlands you may see a variety of water birds such as Royal  Spoonbill,Eurasian Coot,Black Duck,Chestnut Teal ,White Faced Heron,Egets,Nankeen Night Heron….to name a few.

Southern Emu Wren

Walking from Tip’s Billabong to the planted corridor leading to the river you may be very lucky to see some very small birds flitting  amongst the dense reeds  & shrubs.They are quite elusive ,quick & well camouflaged .I was very lucky and saw amale Southern Emu Wren [Rusty coloured with blue/mauve under the chin ]. A Golden Headed Cisticola  kindly perched near the barbed wire covered fence post where I propped the camera .

Flying overhead were two Black Shouldered Kite,also longtime residents in the area.

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