Purple Donkey Orchid

Purple Donkey Orchid (Diuris punctata)


This beautiful Purple Donkey Orchid   [  Diuris  punctata ]was found growing on an embankment beside the Princes Highway near the turnoff to Genoa Falls, Victoria, about 65 km south of Eden. … found & recorded by Glenda Woods. November 15th 2012

Donkey Orchid

Liz Allen found another Donkey Orchid [? ] …in the bush next to the golf course at Tura  in late October . Can anyone help with a more scientific identification ?
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  1. Glenda Wood
    Glenda Wood says:

    Hello Liz – the Diuris species you found next to the tura golf course is a diuris sulphurea, also know as a Tiger or hornet orchid. I have seen these at similar times – mid to late October /early november – at The following sites – Towamba cemetery, cocora headland, along the haycocks road and near the carpark at the merrica river track head.
    great photo.


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