Rare shark tooth found on beach

Amongst all the dried seaweed, Maggie Brown discovered this small shark tooth.

We were on a sapphire Coast Marine Society visit to Terrace Corner beach on Saturday. It is unusual to find a shark tooth on a beach, although sharks shed teeth regularly. This tooth is particularly interesting as we believe it is a Grey Nurse shark tooth. As they are an endangered species (See the Grey Nurse Shark video in News) this is an even more unusual finding. There is thought to be a Grey Nurse shark aggregation point around a nearby headland, so perhaps this is from a local resident.

The things that point to it being a Grey Nurse Shark are the fine shape and the two cusps either side of the main tooth. We have now verified the sighting using the reference P.R.Last and J.B.Stevens: “Sharks and Rays of Australia” ISBN0-643-05143-0

The SCMDC outing was scheduled for Lennard’s Island but a large fallen tree across the road made us change our plans. The weather was splendid and the 21 of us had a really interesting search. Survey species will be uploaded onto the database shortly.

Grey Nurse Shark tooth found by Maggie Brown 22.6.13

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