Rare Slender Seamoth sighting

Whilst prawning at Cuttagee last Sunday night with his grandfather, Dylan Reid discovered this amazing relation of a seahorse. About 8cm.


Images from the web

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  1. Lynne Sealie
    Lynne Sealie says:

    What an amazing animal. I’m going to send a link to this page to some fish scientists I know in Tassie. it’s so good you could get a clear photo of it so we can really see it and it’s delicate looking fins. Not surprised it’s related to the seahorse.

  2. Libby Hepburn
    Libby Hepburn says:

    I hadn’t heard of it either – Alan broadhurst has seen a few during his fishing career. what a lovely thing it is. our observers didn’t get a photo – it was at night and they were prawning, so these pictures are from the web. must find out more.

  3. Guye Richards
    Guye Richards says:

    I saw one of this specie in the Mitchies jetty,Merimbula area, about 10 years ago. It’s cousin,Pegasus lancifer (sculptured seamoth) can be found on the edges of posidonia fields in merimbula lake. I managed to keep one in an aquariom for a period of time.


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