Rare (to this region) Greenhood orchid sighting

Glenda Wood writes: While walking along the Captain Creek Jetty track, at
Mallacoota, on Saturday 7 April,  I came across a colony of
Greenhood orchids. They were growing at the base of a gum in
very sandy soil in amongst bracken and narrow leaved
lomandra. The Greenhood flowers were growing out of the
middle of rosettes of leaves (this is important to note). I
was not sure which particular variety of Greenhood this
might be.

Similar varieties of Greenhoods – the Autumn Greenhoods –
are in flower at this time of the year as well, only their
flowers grow independently of the leafy rosettes.

I searched my reference books to try to establish its
identity, but was unsuccessful. Having met David Jones
(botanist and orchid expert) at a recent Bioblitz session, I
decided to tap into his expertise to identify this
particular Greenhood. I sent David some photos.

David replied quite quickly, identifying it as Pterostylis
acuminata (Sharp Greenhood). David said it is very rare in
Victoria, known only from the Mallacoota-Genoa area, but is
common further north in NSW.
Given this Greenhoods rarity to this region, I felt quite
privilaged and excited to have found it

I searched the internet and found further information from
the Friends of Lane Cove National Park site.

The name acuminata means drawn out to a long point, this
refers to the labellum.

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  1. Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday says:

    We think we’ve spotted this in morialta conservation Park…the ehad and leaf are identical. Definitely not a nutans, which were growing nearby.


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