Atlas of Living Australia:

We have based our Bioblitz on the successful UK model developed by the Marine Biological Association and the Natural History Museum.

A useful Caterpillar ID guide is:

For Bird Lists and more information about Bird routes go to:

Montagu Island Partners reports:

and :   also the 54th Shearwater breeding report for Montagu : Montagu Is report 2013

One of the methodologies we use for coastal surveys is the Marine Biological Association’s

The Shore Thing project is rooted in sound science and is based on methodologies and information from the UK MarClim project.
Nature Coast Marine Group:

Cuttlefish Courtship Display by the Nature Coast Marine Group – filmed by Bill Barker at Potato Point

Panboola (Pambula Wetlands Heritage Project):

Sea Slug Forum:

South Coast Koala Recovery Program:

Here are some recently launched local WOODLAND BIRD VIDEOS WITH SOUNDS to help us identify what we see or hear.

These have been shared by Mandi Stevenson of Panboola and NSW Landcare.


Shrub dwellers

Ground dwellers

Hollow nesters

Canopy dwellers

ID Apps

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