Sea Hares……

Sea Hares1 Ragged Sea hare3This must be the season for sea hares .We have found them in Tanja lagoon,Bournda lagoon & the Blue pool at Bermagui.They are found all over the world in temperate & tropical waters.

They range in size from 2cms to species that can grow to 70cms ! we have seen some small & up to 20cms in our local waters.They have a head with a pair of rhinophores [  maybe they look like Hare ears  ?] and enrolled oral tentacles  beside the mouth…..

The shell[ they are Molluscs]when presents thinly calcified internal plate over the gill & heart.the photo above shows the parapodial lobes which are very noticeable when they swim.

Their egg masses resemble pale green spaghetti.

Information from Seaslug forum.

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