Sea Hares in Spring

p1030345The Sea Hares [Aplysia sydneyensis ]seem to be doing what is expected for Spring ,there are large numbers in the  Merimbula lake ,near the bridge, in the shallows beside the boardwalk,along the shore at Fishpen and some washed up along Main beach.

Sea Hare 2

Sea Hare 2

Sae Hare

Sea Hare 3

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  1. Christina
    Christina says:

    Also have had an outbreak in Corunna Lake near Mystery Bay, I was not aware that these creatures had a population boom in spring…thanks.

  2. Skye Etherington
    Skye Etherington says:

    I also saw over a hundred of these at Wallagoot Lake mouth about a month ago. all sizes.
    I noticed that they have a sticky skin surface,and that they can turn the stickiness off and shed sand that has stuck to them if they need to go across a sand patch to get to the next rock to graze upon..!
    My question is where were they before they suddenly appeared on our rocky shores, and where have they gone now?


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