Sensible advice on when not to swim

Some sage advice from Alan Scrymgeour:  If you like to swim, snorkel, surf or play in our beautiful oceans and rivers with the fish, dolphins and seals, be aware you are sharing the sharks’ home too and if you don’t wish for a close encounter, remember these  things:

Avoid swimming at sunrise or sunset, especially at the full moon

Juvenile Grey Nurse Shark at Maroubra  Photo Craig Greenhill

Juvenile Grey Nurse Shark at Maroubra
Photo Craig Greenhill

Swim in a group of four or five, never alone, and keep your group together

Avoid swimming in murky water after rain events

Choose brighly coloured swimming and surfing gear

Avoid swimming with open wounds – if you scrape yourself on the rocks, don’t swim

Avoid swimming in or near big shoals of fish

Avoid swimming near fish cleaning stations

Leave the water if sharks have been sighted in the area

On patrolled beaches swim between the red and yellow flags

Remember that more people die of: falling out of bed, drowning, bee stings, road accidents than are attacked by sharks so don’t let fear keep you out of the seas

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