Southern Right Whales……..Baleen & Callosities

Baleen & callosities

There have been more sightings of 2 adults  and 1  calf travelling between Pambula Beach ,MerimbulaWharf and Bournda Island.This one seen from the beach south of Bournda Is. may have been feeding ,we could see it with mouth open and baleen visible [ greyish strands in mouth]. ‘Note the callosities  [like a ‘fingerprint] on its head.

One of the adults cruised off towards the island while the mother and calf stayed around and we actually saw a couple of small breaches [more unusual for the SR whales ]….. if anyone was quick enough with their camera please let us know.

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  1. Libby Hepburn
    Libby Hepburn says:

    We have had a Southern Right whale around Mullimburra Point and Meringo for the last ten days. She has given birth and is now caring for her calf. At least one other Southern Right whale has been seen with her at times. Yesterday morning it was brilliant to see a pod of Humpback whales with young passing by just a little out to sea while the mother and calf stayed very close to shore. The Southern Right mother spy-hopped to catch a glimpse of the other whales, then relaxed and went back to quiet cruising.

    Attached is a photo of the Southern Right mother and calf in the foreground, with a Humpback whale out a bit further. You can see more on my blog (three recent posts have the whale)


  2. Libby Hepburn
    Libby Hepburn says:

    Dear Christine,
    Thanks very much for sharing your info, what great sightings.
    There is a tall ship called the Yukon which should be passing your bit of the coast soon, they are on the lookout for Southern Rights, so I have told them to keep a lookout as they sail past Bingie. They are on a cruise to survey micro plastics in the ocean from Tasmania to Sydney.
    Best wishes,


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