Summary of National Science Week Events

With funding provided by the Australian Government under the Inspiring Australia program, a group of volunteers from various Sapphire Coast organisations (see below) under the banner of the Sapphire Coast Regional Science Hub and led by the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, is organising activities in the area for the community.

Events will be conducted from Wednesday August 13 to Saturday August 23, with the official launch at the Bournda Environment Education Centre (BEEC) and the close at the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (SCMDC). During this period, with input predominantly from expert locals and community members but also some people from outside the area.  The attached table provides a summary of all the activities that are on.

Note:  for most, numbers are limited so bookings are essential.  Bookings online through our Events listings, and then choose ‘Find out more’ which is where the ‘tickets’ are for bookings.

Events summary sheet 20140731 – website

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