Witness the King Tides project – this week-end

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If you intend to Witness the King Tide the highest tide is predicted for Friday 14th at about 9.30 am. (The actual height will depend on the weather – higher if there is low pressure and strong onshore winds, lower if there is a high pressure system). If you can’t do Friday try Saturday at 10.26am.
On the open coast this will be the right time but delays occur in inlets and bays. For example, according to the tide chart, there is a delay for high tides of 54 minutes at the Narooma Bridge (fishers say 30 minutes), 45 minutes at Bermagui Bridge and Moruya, and 15 minutes at Clyde River Bridge.
Register to participate at www.witnesskingtides.org so you get photos of places that might be missed. Below are some tips from the website

Work out when to go?
The best time to take photos is at the peak of the tide when the water level is at its highest. This time varies both along the coast and within the estuaries away from the coast.

What shots to take?
Capture photos of local coastal areas that are subject to flooding or erosion. Take images where the impact of the tide can be gauged against familiar landmarks like buildings, jetties, bridges, roads, sea walls, shorelines, beach infrastructure or estuary shorelines.

If you can, take contrasting ‘before and after’ shots which help to show the average water level in the same location.

Be safe
Use good judgement when you are taking your photos. Stay away from dangerous situations particularly in stormy conditions and avoid taking risks.

Make a day of it
Take your family and friends with you and participate together. Why not enjoy the event together and witness the future. If you are keen to coordinate a group of people, get in touch and we can help you. Check out these Tide Tracking activity

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