Yellow Bellied Glider call

YBG Photo David Gallan

Bounda EEC in conjunction with the Taronga Zoo Insitu are launching their Yellow Bellied Glider project at Bournda on August 10th

You will be able to learn about their habits and feeding trees and how to identify them by their call Try this to hear if you recognise it:  ybg   and check out this great video:

The Yellow Bellied Glider is one of our iconic yet endangered species. In our region there are pockets of glider populations and this project is established to invite the community to learn more about them and help to identify where populations exist at the moment.

For  more detailed background information please go to our LINKS page where there are seven research papers on YBG’s by Dr Rod Kavanagh, eminent scientist and one of the speakers at our Celebrating Science Forum last year.


Yellow Bellied Glider

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  1. doug reckord
    doug reckord says:

    Went out looking for YBG on Saturday night with Dave gallan and heard two animals calling and filmed one volplaning aka gliding. Very exciting.

  2. doug reckord
    doug reckord says:

    Checked out the night walk site in preparation for Saturday night’s Science Week activity. Nice to hear the gliders were there being their usual cheeky selves. Dave Gallan got a couple of nice photos and a sugar glider flew overhead, so another rewarding night of wildlife study!

    • Libby Hepburn
      Libby Hepburn says:

      Thanks for your comment Robert. For more information about YBG’s have a look at the Bournda EEC page on the Atlas. Also if you look under LINKS you will see that Rod Kavanagh has shared seven of his research papers on the Gliders, so that will give you information on feed trees and much else besides. Doug Reckord from Bournda will be glad to talk to you about yuour experiences and we will be very happy if you add your sighings (or hearings) to the Atlas database as we are trying to identify where YBG populations are all over the Shire.


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