Giant sea Stars are (near) here!

Robyn Miller has reported seeing very large sea stars to about a metre from arm tip to arm tip in Wagonga Inlet. They look like Coscinasterias muricata which Edgar says is in our waters, but the colour is strikingly different. They are a relatively bright orange with cream texture. There were at Least 10 individuals within a few meters along the bank in shallow water at low tide. They are where the ocean going launches tie up east of the camp area on Wagonga, between the wooden wharf & the concrete cycle path.
Has anyone seen them before in our area?
Attached is a small version of one of Robyn’s photos
Jenny Edwards (Nature Coast Marine Group)

Musk Lorikeets

Musk lorikeets are with us again.If you can hear a busy soft chattering in the heavily flowering Eucalypts it is likely to be a flock of Musk lorikeets feeding on the nectar . They are very hard to see until the whole flock moves to another nectar source. sometimes there are Rainbow lorikeets with them but in smaller numbers. They are nomadic but now is the time to watch out for them , I’ve seen them around the Tura Beach golf course and at Mogareeka.

What’s Landed on the Camel’s Back?

Sapphire Coast Marine Society outing to Camel Rock. Sunday August 19th. As well as our usual rocky shore ramble, we will be searching to see whether species displaced by the big storms in March have returned. These include: nudibranchs, bubble snails, sea hares, pink sea cucumbers, anemones etc… (for a named list, see below). Meet at Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf at 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start at Camel rock. Everyone welcome.

The 200 metre walk along the beach to the first rockpool area is fairly easy, and for those who wish to explore further, the rock scramble is quite difficult with jagged rocks. Good quality sturdy footwear is essential and you may like to wear gardening gloves to protect your hands. There should be good things to find in the rockpools that will make your efforts worthwhile.

Camel Rock August

Image from Surf Life Saving ( see their website for more info.)

camel rock 8-1-2012 217

Photo taken in January this year

2012 Search target species:
Lined Bubble snail – Bullina lineata
Rose Petal Bubble snail – Hydatina physis
Black Elephant snail – Scutus antipodes
Umbrella snail – Umbracullum umbracullum
Gloomy octopus – Octopus tetracus
Sweet nudibranch – Ceratosoma amoenum
Mottled sea hare – Dolabifera brazieri
Pink sea cucumber – Chiridota gigas
Yellow acorn worm – Ptychodera flava
Peanut worm – Phascolosoma noduliferum
Waratah anemone – Actinia tenebrosa
Shell grit anemone – Oulactis mucosa
11 arm starfish – Coscinasterias muricata
Black urchin – Centrostephanus rodgersii
Red urchin – Heliocidaris tuberculata

Bermagui Bioblitz exhibition at Bermagui Fishermen’s Co-op from 18th August

Everyone is invited

For those who took part and everyone who would like to see what happened during the Bioblitz week-end

The Exhibition is an opportunity to thank all Bioblitz participants and volunteers, and to celebrate all the results – over 1600 records so far and still counting! The Opening will also provide a chance to hear some of the stories from the Bioblitz and to see the array of wonderful photos taken during the 30 hours, from dawn in the bush to night time underwater. Equipment used in the surveys and results of the surveys will be on show.

About the Bermagui Bioblitz: Over the 30 hours of the survey more than 200 people and 60 school students were engaged on 42 different surveys of all the living things that could be found from clifftop plants, to nocturnal marsupials and frogs, shell death assemblages and night time scuba and snorkel searches and many more. Local and visiting naturalists and scientists led the surveys and generously shared their expertise with the many local and visiting enthusiasts who were keen to explore this small location with many different habitats.

The collected and validated occurrence records from the Bioblitz are being added to the Atlas of Coastal Wilderness biodiversity database and the national Atlas of Living Australia database. See our and the national

Venue: The Bermagui Fishermenʼs Co-operative Board Room (Upstairs at the Fishermenʼs Wharf)

from Saturday 18th August 2012 until Sunday 26th August(daily opening from 10.00am to 4pm)

We would like Volunteers to show people around and talk to them about the Bioblitz so if you have some time during the exhibition opening times, please let me know so that I can arrange a rosta, Many thanks,

contact: libby.alanhepburn@bigpond.comPh: 0264 950917. Mob: 0458 798 990