Atlas of Life photography and film competition 2014

Atlas of Life Photography Competition 2014

Following the great success of our first photography competition, we have decided to add a FILM section to this years’ competition – and give our judges more time to do their work!

Open to all Members. Everyone who Registers on the Atlas of Life website is a Member. This competition is to celebrate the wonderful biodiversity in our region. We hope it will be the first of many. You are all taking wonderful pictures to add to your sightings on the Atlas, so this is your chance to share the best of them!


We will put all the photos into our competition gallery – click the Photo comp button on the left of the Home page

There are nine categories:

1.  Underwater,  2.  Marine and intertidal species,  3. Terrestrial vertebrates (excludes birds),  4. Invertebrates,   5.  Birds,   

6.  Flora and Fungi    7.  Nightlife    8.  Under 16 years of age    9.  Atlanats at work (AtlaNaturalists)

How to enter

  • Choose your favourite photo – decide in which category it will be entered
  • Send it in an email
  • Give it a title, its category number and tell us about the subject and how the photo was taken in 50 words
  • Maximum file size 5MB
  • submit your files for judging as a JPEG of 1200 pixels along the longest side

You may send several entries

How will the photos be judged?

Judging will be by a panel based on:

  • interest
  • aesthetics
  • composition
  • high technical standards such as sharpness and correct exposure

Conditions of entry

  • Supplied online, maximum file size 5MB
  • Supplied with title and up to 50 word description
  • Must be taken by person whose name is on the entry form
  • Competition open to everyone who has Registered to log sightings on the ALCW website
  • Entries must be received by September 1st 2014
  • Photographs that have been digitally manipulated will not be accepted. Minor alterations to contrast or brightness are the only exceptions to this rule
  • Winners will be announced on October 14th and displayed at the Mimosa Rocks Bioblitz  November 7th
  • There will be one winner for each category and one overall winner. Prizes to be announced shortly
  • Winners, Highly Commended and Finalists will be notified by email
  • The Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness may use images for Atlas publications and for promotional purposes. Copyright and intellectual property of the images remains the property of the photographer

Email your entries to:


We announce the first Atlas of Life Film competition and invite everyone who is interested in film to enter.

Entries will be accepted until September 1st 2014 and the results will be announced on October 14th

How will the films be judged?

Judging will be by a panel based on:

  • interest
  • aesthetics
  • composition
  • high technical standards such as sharpness and correct exposure

Conditions of entry;

  • Film maximum length three minutes.
  • Must be a film of the natural world (eg. animal behavior, or marine life)
    • Category 1. Land or sky
    • Category 2. Marine
  • Submitted on a thumb drive or SD card
  • Local footage only (Coastal Wilderness) See under “Our Atlas”, but roughly from Montagu Island to Gabo Island and inland to the Great Dividing Range
  • You warrant that you own the rights to your film and allow the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness to share your film in full or in part for non-commercial purposes royalty free
  • You retain copyright to the content of your film and can share or sell the content of your film as you wish
  • Please send a copy of your film to: Libby Hepburn, 19 The Point, Tura Beach, NSW 2548Including the following information: Your Name,   Phone Number, Email,  Film Title and summary of the film (up to 50 words)  and your signature.  Please also email us to let us know you have sent an entry.


The oldest fossilised sperm found in a cave in queensland

Scientists have found sperm in fossilised ostracods estimated at 17 million years old in what was a bat roosting cave in Queensland:

More Fabulous Fungi

Fab fungi2Fab fungi1Fab fungi4Fab fungi1 Fab fungi2 Bracket F1Have you seen any of these ? Our recent damp weather  has made fungi emerge everywhere, have a look in our species pages for more.

500m diameter baitball near Montague

Over the Easter holidays, I dived Narooma with my dad. We saw some Moorish Idols, and I took this pic – they are not easy to get!

Also, whilst boating between Montague Island and the Continental shelf, we came across a big bait school, with common dolphins, risso dolphins and pilot whales, all feeding. We estimated the size of the baitball to be over 500m across. Unfortunately, the risso dolphins were too quick for a photo!

We’ve been seeing more turtles at the island too.


Panboola Bioblitz 16th/17th May – Book your surveys now

See the BIOBLITZ 2014 page and Book places on your chosen surveys for Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May

Bring your friends and family for a chance to learn with scientists and naturalists while helping to create the biggest list of species for Panboola. Bring your camera or smart phone or tablet to help record what you see. We are trialling iNaturalist at the Bioblitz so you will be able to see your photos and records added in realtime. Download the program so you can try it now.

Any questions contact:Patrick Tegart: 0449 162 594  or Libby Hepburn: 02 6495 0917 or write to us Purple Swamp Hen1 Panboola  logo largebelow