Grand Designs for some ?

I f you look carefully you will see the grand designs of the Red capped Plovers at Mogareeka,normally they have their sandscrape [nest  ] in the middle of the beach with virtually nimg_9597o cover .These have chosen upmarket designs   .

The beach nesting birds will sometimes choose a little vegetation or sticks as cover but don’t seem to have the intricate designs of our bushbirds .like the incredibly beautiful nests made by the Grey Fantail in the featured image.   RedCap plover sandscrapeimg_9609

Baby Pigmy possum

We just had our AGM where we talked about one of Andrew Morrison’s projects which is instaling nestboxes for Pigmy possums in areas like Tura Beach where they are short of hollows for their homes. When she arrived home Mandi Stevenson found this baby on her doorstep. Luckily Alan Scrymgeour knew what to do and collected it to deliver to Wires who know how to care for such lost infants.

baby Pigmy possum  photo Mandi Stevenson

baby Pigmy possum photo Mandi Stevenson

Hopefully it will be released back into the wild when it is old enough to survive on its own.