Harrison Warne photography workshop

Harrison Warne is going from strength to strength as a photographer and filmmaker and we have a few places left for his workshop on Wednesday 28th February

Try the link to book your place: Harrison Warne Workshop

Harrison’s photo of the Gheko won a National Geographic competition earlier this year and he wants to share soem of his secrets and tips to help you take better photographs of all our amazing wildlife. Focus on Macro……


Mini Blue Tide

An unusual mini Blue tide after the stormy seas earlier this week,only 3 Bluebottles ,11  Porpita,13 tiny Glaucus sp. [blue sea slug],a few Violet snails [Janthina ] and the tiniest Velella I have ever seen.

Porpita porpita has a disc like float & marginal tentacles for feeding.

Porpita …underside

These creatures living on the surface of the water are called neuston.Most are countershaded blue so when viewed by predators in the air they look deep ocean blue and from underneath they appear silvery.


Glaucus atlanticus   ….ventral surface up when floating.

Glaucus atlanticus ..dorsal view ,floats upside down




Another tiny creature washed ashore sometimes called a sea lizard sea slug creeps along the sea surface upside down  & feeds on Velella & Physalia.





Underside of Janthina ..showing its” Bubble raft” secreted from the foot. They also feed on the Bluebottles.









Physalia physalis….apparently some colonies have their floats aligned 45*left of the wind and others at 45* to the right so that not all will be stranded together.This one must have been an unlucky one !

Velella     By the Wind Sailor

Velella velella   has a disc shaped float which has feeding tentacles round the margin & a sail on top. 


Snorkelling Snippets

Snorkelling is beautiful now that the water is about 22*C,so for those of you who don’t venture into this fascinating underwater world here is a small selection of some of the sights we see ,it is quite addictive !

Thank you to Libby & Rick for some of the photos and we’d welcome others to add to the gallery.

Magpie Perch…..Cheilodactylus nigripes

Stripey…..Microcanthus strigatus


Gloomy Octopus…… Octopus tetricus

Stingray…..Dasyatis brevicuadata

Jewel Anemones …Corynactis australis

Waratah Anemones …..Actinea tenebrosa

Baked Bean Anemone…Phlyctenactis tuberculosa

Feather Duster worm…Sabellastarte australiensis

8 Armed Seastar..Meridiastra calcar

Sand or Shellgrit Anemone …Oulactis muscosa

White Ear….Parma microlepis

Sea Horse…Hippocampus abdominalis

Blue dragon ….Pteraeolida ianthina

Octopus ” garden “

Bennett’s Nudibranch…..Hypselodoris bennetti

Sea star….Uniophora granifera

11 Armed Seastar….Cosciniasterias muricata

Stingaree …Trygonoptera testacea

Sea Tulips …Pyura sp.