Tropical Visitors….and more



Threadfin Butterfly                                             Sergeant Major                                                   Magpie Perch

Blue Damsel                      p1010287

Fan-belly Leatherjacketp1000110?? Leatherjacket & Madop1050510The water has warmed since the end of January &   amongst the many small fish visiting are a few juvenile tropicals ,Threadfin ,Dusky & Vagabond Butterfly,Sergeant Majors & Scissor Tail Sergeant,Mado ,Stripey,Blue Damsel & Pencilled Surgeonfish &,various Leatherjackets to name a few.Most of these shown are from the Bar Beach area …would welcome some good photos from anyone but I hope that by naming them you can perhaps add to the collection of sightings & photos.

Pencilled SurgeonfishPencilled Surgeonfish

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